nominate-picAll nominations will receive acknowledgement upon receipt and will be notified if their nominee is selected. From those nominated, up to a total of 13 Human Resources Executive Awards will be awarded. Recipients of the awards will be invited to the awards ceremony. Nominators of award winners are strongly encouraged to attend.

If the nominee is selected, the information provided may be printed in the awards event program and released to the media.

The Strategic HR Excellence Awards celebrates the outstanding contribution of HR professionals in their field that innovatively design and superbly execute HR strategies that contribute to the overall business performance and bottom line. Winning an award will affirm to your employees, colleagues and, industry peers that your company and your team are delivering strategic best practice in HR management that positively impacts the organization effectiveness. You are distinctive…a distinctive leader.

The 2020 Strategic HR Excellence Awards have been developed in close cooperation with our Advisory Board and judges, all leading experts in people centered business strategies. This will ensure that the winning criteria accurately reflects the strategic HR role and requirements of the next generation HR strategies that target the right skills, the best people and the right management tools are in place to elevate the organization’s performance that is to grow through and with its people.

We have developed the Outstanding Human Resources Executive Awards criteria to spotlight “Excellence in Strategy, Innovation, Leadership and Culture”. Please participate by nominating an individual who you think has best demonstrated, “Excellence in Strategy, Innovation, Leadership and Culture” in the Dallas Fort Worth area.